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Erectile disfunctions

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   Psychologic Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

  • Anger toward a partner

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Discord or boredom with a partner

  • Fear of pregnancy, dependence on another person, or losing control

  • Feelings of detachment from sexual activities or one’s partner

  • Guilt

  • Inhibitions or ignorance about sexual behavior

  • Performance anxiety (worrying about performance during intercourse)

  • Previous traumatic sexual experiences (for example, rape, incest, sexual abuse, or previous sexual dysfunction)

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ED mostly affects older men, a study conducted in Italy found that an increase in internet pornography viewing among teenage boys can cause “sexual anorexia,” or a pathological loss of appetite for romantic-sexual interactions.

ED can affect men for many reasons, including physical and psychological causes such as performance anxiety, depression, or poor physical health.































Premature Ejaculation











Female Sexual Disfunctions























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erectile dysfunction (PIED)

was identified relatively

recently, and refers

to erectile dysfunction

caused by a skewing

of our sexual expectations

and desires, resulting

from excessive

use of pornography. 






Sex drive (libido) varies

greatly among men and

women may

be decreased temporarily

by conditions such as

fatigue or anxiety.

Libido also tends to

gradually decrease as a

man ages.


Persistently low libido

may cause distress to a couple.



Premature ejaculation

is ejaculation that occurs

too early, usually before,

upon, or shortly

after penetration.

With PE, you may feel

less connection with

your sexual partner.

You might feel angry,

ashamed or upset,

and turn away from

your sexual partner.

Without treatment,

it often leads

to significant

psychological distress,

poor self-esteem,


erectile dysfunction,

decreased libido,

and poor

interpersonal relationships.




Persistent, recurrent

problems with sexual

response, desire, orgasm

or pain — that

distress you or

strain your relationship

with your partner — are

known medically as

sexual dysfunction.

Female sexual dysfunction

can occur at any stage

of life. It can occur

only in certain sexual


or in all sexual situations.






Erectile dysfunction, also

known as impotence, is

defined by difficulty

getting and keeping an

erection. It can

be an embarrassing

thing to talk about.

It's been reported

that more than half

of men between the ages

of 40 and 70

experience some form of ED. 

When a person with a penis

has persistent delay having

or an inability to achieve

an orgasm even after

sexual stimulation. 

The condition should

not be confused with 

erectile dysfunction 

(the inability to achieve

an erection) or low libido

(lack of sexual desire).

However, these conditions

may co-exist.

There are multiple

causes of male anorgasmia.

They include:

  • Physiological

  • problems present at birth

  • Side effects from surgery

  • Medications

  • Psychological issues

Couple on the Beach

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Erection problems can often be treated – so there’s no need to suffer in silence if you need help.

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There are a number of reasons why erection problems may happen, including certain health problems (such as hormonal imbalances or high blood pressure). But one of the most common causes of erection problems, particularly among young men, is anxiety.



There are any number of reasons why young

men may experience anxiety, especially

surrounding sex.


Some of the most common reasons include:

  • low desire

  • feeling of guilt and shame

  • relationship problems

  • confusion about sexuality

  • religious beliefs

  • poor sex education

  • poor body image

  • fear of pregnancy and STIs.

 It’s important to also take strides to address your anxiety. This will help you get to the root of it and overcome your erection problems.

If you aren’t sure where to start, the first and most important thing you should do is speak with your partner (if you’re in a relationship) about how you feel so you can explore together to find different ways to have sex and intimacy.

You could also try some simple techniques to relieve anxiety surrounding sex, such as aiming to make sex less “goal-oriented” or practicing mindfulness. This can help calm you by redirecting attention away from negative self-talk, and back to the way you are feeling during sex.



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